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For Pets

If you need medication for your pet, Anawan Pharmacy can help. We offer both commercially prepared veterinary medicine, as well as compounded pet medications – including the popular seizure medication, Potassium Bromide.

Prescription compounding is a great option to ensure your pet receives the right dose of medication. After all, what works for your 140-lb Saint Bernard may not work for your 5-pound Yorkie. We’ll work closely with your veterinarian to make sure your small pet or large farm animal gets the best medication.

We’re equipped to prepare medication for a variety of pets and farm animals*:

  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Horses
  • Goats
  • Sheep
  • Rabbits
  • Birds
  • Ferrets
  • Reptiles

If you’re struggling to get your pet to take the medication, it may help to try flavoring medication with a more appealing taste.

Can’t make it to the pet store? Anawan Pharmacy carries some pet items for your convenience, such as canned food and kitty litter.


* Due to USDA regulations, we cannot provide medications for animals in the food supply chain.