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Did you know pharmacists can customize the taste of children’s liquid medications?

The simple act of choosing a favorite flavor goes a long way in making sure kids take their medicine. “Imagine when you were a kid, if your mom or dad would have asked you how you’d like your medicine to taste,” said Chad Baker, vice president of marketing at FLAVORx. “How much better would your medicine-taking experience have been if the medicine tasted like something you wanted to take, instead of something you had to take?”

Some of the most commonly flavored pediatric medications include Amoxicillin, Augmentin, Azithromycin, Tamiflu and Cleocin. Nearly all liquid medications can be flavored with FLAVORx.

FLAVORx flavors are sugar-free, dye-free, casein-free, and gluten-free.

79% of children complained

about bad tasting medication or taste that is “too yucky.”

Flavors for Kids (and Adults!)

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